Monday, March 28, 2011

He''ll drink a toast to your un-health

It's not too late to celebrate Doctor-Patient Trust Week! It ends tomorrow -- so take your doctor to dinner tonight!

"...we may lay it down as a Maxim, that when a nation abounds in Physicians it grows thin of people." -- Joseph Addison.

"Only a physician can commit homicide with impunity." - Pliny the Elder.
The doctor had told him more than a year ago, on the subject of his knees and hip, that he ought to get more exercise. Sully sat on his ass all day at work, and then when he got off he headed straight for the Note and sat on his ass there, and there wasn’t any reason he couldn’t get out and walk a little on his days off. Except that he didn’t want to. Besides, it pained him to walk very far, and if that was the case then he couldn’t see how it was doing him any good. Fuck the doctor, Sully thought. Fuck doctors. They were all quacks.  --  Chapter 5, The Misforgotten.

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