Thursday, August 5, 2010

He's nuts, I should hope

First use of the atom bomb on this day in 1945.

"Cursed is every one who placeth his hope in man."  --  St. Augustine.

Augustine said that because of that original sin we are all born into sin. We start out with a stain on us.”

“That’s heavy.”
“He said that our only hope was God’s grace. We have to hope that God looks kindly on us.”
“That ain’t worked out so far neither,” Red said.
“You got that right,” Joe chimed in.
“You’ve got me, don’t you?” Cubby piped. “Sweetie.”
“So God is sort of like a prison warden?” Jeffrey asked.
“You could say that. That’s a good analogy.”
                                                                                   -- Chapter 27, The Misforgotten.