Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Misforgotten

Memories make us what we are. So does forgetting.

Sully is a fifty-something-year-old barfly playing out his days, until a series of events rouses him, and opens the floodgates of memory. At the library, where he works, he’s asked to lead a Great Books class, and not until after he agrees does he discover that all the participants happen to be homeless. A mystery at the Hi-Note, the bar he haunts, inspires him to begin writing a detective story. He starts seeing Linda, a woman he works with. He’s enlisted to write an essay for the Dive Bar of the Year competition by the Hi-Note’s owner, in exchange for a free tab. And the memories—of his days as an athlete and his career as a drinker—come fast and furious.

As he takes up again in earnest two enthusiasms of his youth—reading and writing—Sully also discovers a cause. Justice, he decides, is owed as much to the things we can’t remember as to those we can’t forget.

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The Misforgotten

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