Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Maybe he was talking about Al Dante

Dante Aligheri was named Prior of Florence on this day in the year 1300.

"All right, then, I'll say it. Dante makes me sick." -- Spanish playwright Lope de Vega, on his deathbed.

Anyway, I have nowhere to go. There’s no breeze in the lobby, the beach is a furnace. There’ll be spaghetti for supper, and then a sweltering ride to the game. (The VWs’ air conditioners are also on the fritz.) The inevitable scene between Rhinelander and Pinto, staged for our benefit. Then the jostling and braying fans. And up early tomorrow for the long ride to somewhere, to nowhere. We have ten more days in purgatory (Italy). I know now how Dante’s great theme came to him. -- Chapter 23, The Misforgotten.

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